Become a Jigsaw Master With These Tips

Puzzling is a great hobby no matter what your age. From young children to old pensioners, the puzzle has long been a great way to spend some time using that brain to solve the riddle of the puzzle pieces. If you love puzzling then you will love these tips. A roll up puzzle mat is recommended for any puzzler!

Before you start, there are a few things to consider.

Choose your puzzle.
If you are a beginner it’s probably best to choose a smaller puzzle with large pieces, once you have completed a few of these it’s time to move into the bigger, more complex puzzles. Things can be a bit crazy with the higher difficulty puzzles. Some can take weeks and even months to complete. If you don’t have any space to store your puzzle then purchasing a roll up puzzle mat is your best way to save your progress and come back to your hobby at another time.

Consider your end game.
When a puzzle is completed, it can often be disheartening to just break it back down and put it back in the box. Many puzzlers frame and hang their completed puzzles or take a picture to remember the moment.

Find somewhere to work.
Puzzling can take up quite a lot of space. Even more so if the puzzle is large, you need to work out and give yourself enough space to fully lay out all of your pieces and have space to complete the puzzle as well.

Time to start puzzling!

Order your pieces.
Pour out your puzzle pieces and start getting them in order. Firstly you should flip them all over so the color side is facing up. Doing this will save you time and frustration when you are searching for that one troublesome piece later in the project.

Edge the puzzle.
The edge pieces of puzzles are the easiest to find as they have solid edges on one or two sides. Start with the corner pieces and fill in the gaps.

Color sorting.
Once you have your edges ready to go, it’s time to start organizing your puzzle pieces into color or shade order. This is a mundane task but makes the final work much simpler and faster to complete. It’s a true puzzling master tip.

Shape sorting.
If your puzzle is a similar color throughout. Consider sorting your pieces by shade and shape. Sorting your pieces into piles of 2 gaps or two handles will speed up the process and you will refine your search time by looking straight at your needed pieces.

Don’t limit yourself to the frame.
Puzzling is supposed to be enjoyed, don’t let yourself get annoyed and simply look for a different area to fill in. You can even start filling out sections without having them connected to the edges, just lay them where you think they might lie once the puzzle is complete and fill in the gaps.