What is the better way to find a game where you can get the feel of flying a real flight. Compared with other games, flight simulator game is manning the controls of an amazing flight simulator. Now you can just fly to London just by playing this exciting game. Flight simulator is otherwise a multi million dollar machine, now they are offering this amazing game for their customers.

The name itself implies the same as the simulator, this game is a great feel for all those people who are excited to feel the experience of flying a plane. Although it is not an easy task to fly a plane and it is not possible for you to get a training and license to sit in the pilot’s seat. So, your dream was going to be unfulfilled otherwise, not anymore. Flight simulator game will let you fly the flight and that too according to your convenience.

Why Are These Games So Exciting And Getting So Much Of Attention?

– This game is identical to a real cockpit in every detail. The windows are actually video screens which is programmed to show you the airport terminals, runways, taxiways, topographical features and weather conditions.
– Even with the pods tilting and lurching, they try to recreate real life conditions and speakers broadcast sounds like jet and wind noise, the thud of landing, landing gear and flap movement and even the sound of the tires bumping along the taxiway.
– The software is programmed for a bright sunny day with a quick adjustment to the weather feature so that it could be switched to turbulent, cloudy, or rainy. The simulated windshield wipers are switched on, incase the simulated rain starts. They provided the complete ambience with sound effects.
– After you start to play this game, you will understand that there is nothing called as a ‘completely automated take off or landing’. Using the autopilot doesn’t mean everything is automated. At the very least you have to lower the landing gear and for doing that, you still have many manual operations required.

The most popular question asked by the gamers of Flight Simulator Game is that “Can we actually learn flying like a professional civil aviation pilot?” and “Is it preferable to shoot down other airplanes and have aerial fights with other players in combat mode?” So, if your wish of flying plane has been left unfulfilled, this might be your chance.

Flight simulator game can even be like the crash course for you before actually joining the airline training academy. It is good to know the basics while you are joining on something. It will help you to mark an impression and make good for yourself. So are you ready to begin playing the game?